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Extra points: 10 more thoughts on the Dolphins’ 5th straight win and building an identity. 05 de Diciembre, 2021 21:56

Sunday was a rare occasion for the Miami Dolphins this season: They were a substantial favorite and they did what favorites are supposed to do.

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Tua is rolling for Miami, while Giants have questions at QB. 03 de Diciembre, 2021 12:01

Take all the passers in NFL history who have attempted at least 75 throws in a month, and nobody was ever more accurate than Peyton Manning was for Indianapolis in December 2008. Tua Tagovailoa can’t miss right now, and the Miami Dolphins suddenly can’t lose. “It always feels good winning, but the thing we can’t do as a team is be satisfi

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NFL: El mariscal de campo de los Giants, Daniel Jones, baja la semana 13 por esguince de cuello. 30 de Noviembre, 2021 21:31

El equipo de New York no contará con su mariscal titular, en el duelo frente a los Miami Dolphins

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