Aaron Rodgers

Report: Uninvolved teams don\'t see Aaron Rodgers worth 1st-rounder. 18 de Marzo, 2023 21:04

Uninvolved teams don't see Aaron Rodgers fit for a first-round pick in trade compensation, according to reports from Albert Breer.

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Aaron Rodgers\' trite grievances, eye-roll inducing drama will soon be Jets\' problem as Packers bid farewell. 18 de Marzo, 2023 06:20

Rodgers' difficulties will soon be the Jets' problem, and the Packers will surely happy to be free of at least that part of employing him.

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Aaron Rodgers boards the Jets, could Patriots make a big WR trade, Cowboys part from Zeke & more free agency reactions. 18 de Marzo, 2023 06:20

Matt Harmon is joined by Fantasy Life's Dwain McFarland to look at all of the biggest moves from Wednesday and Thursday, starting off with a deep-dive on the Jets offense with Aaron Rodgers at the helm.

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